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This morning, I wake up and think about connecting a land-line phone to a computer. The reason is that I had a Skype account already. It will be convenient for us if we could connect our land-line phone to our PCs and make phone calls through the Internet. It is VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) using Skype instead of other VoIP soft-wares. The point is making a call through regular phones.

Reading some reviews about this matter, some says that one could do that with either:

A normal phone and a VoIP adapter which should not be over $75 for both items (estimated $45 for the phone and $30 for the adapter).

For more information:

OR a specialized phone that can be plugged/connected wireless to the PC with the price ranging from $50 to $170 (which is pretty similar to Skype phones).

Some people say that the quality of phone calls over the Internet is not stable at all. It depends on the area, Internet connection, weather and the PC usages as well. Therefore, I will not be a good idea if using your land-line phone to call over the Internet.

If someone needs to make phone calls over the Internet, just use the regular PC with a good head set. Skype or any other VoIP programs will connect you perfectly. A land-line phone is outdated.

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Why I-20 from an English school

Like we need a resume in order to find a job, I-20 is like letter of acceptance from a school if you are admitted to their programs or institutions. However, this does not necessarily mean that one can certainly be approved for a student visas. Resume is not a pass for any candidate to have the job even though it indicates somewhat about your qualifications. A good resume is like a good I-20. If we get admitted to a good school, it is more likely that we can acquire a student visas. In another word, a good academic background always benefits its candidate.

The fact is not every students has a savvy transcript with over 3.5 average grade-points. So, what can we do?!

We need to choose an appropriate school. The answer is simple like that.

It is a long way to pick a good school. An average person might spend weeks or months in order to search for schools that fit his/her the most. That does not mention to those who have no clue of what they are looking for. Once they are looking right at it, they even wonder if this school is really good (enough) for them. One good advice would be: Do not waste your time.

So, what should we do?!

Attending an English school is my advice. It cost you less, the program is easy to catch up and we can take our time to adapt to the new environment while searching for our appropriate programs, right in the host country. Besides, the paper work process to get the visas is quick and very standardized. How great does that sound?!

For those who still in doubt about the tuition fee at English school.

Apparently, we will get what we paid for. But tuition fee for a semester at any university could be $5,000 to $12,000 while it cost us about only $2,000 in English schools. The point here is we have more time to learn a new way of life. That is really critical too. After we spend 6 months in an English school, we can easily find a good program for ourselves and go along with it. This option is especially helpful if we can afford only the first six months of our tuition fees. During this time, we might find a job and work while studying during the rest of our staying in the host country.

Again, the whole point of this option is money saving, it is not about some fancy plans for an excellent student. This is about an average person wanting to spend his/her student life abroad.

After we have an I20, what next?!

My life

I am a 27 years old guy living in the United States with less or no clue what I should do now in order to meet all my wanting. The problem lies right there! I want too many things, and at the same time. But I do not think I am the only one in this world having this problem. I believe there are many more people out there having the same issue.

Well, all these people and I are in the same boat!

The good thing now is that I acknowledge the situation. One first thing comes into my mind right now is to pause all my wanting and start something totally out of the track.

OK! Let’s start!

What I can do now?! What can I do now?! I used to help my brother acquiring his student visas to continue his education in the United States. I could do it again because I believe it is a dream comes true for many youngsters if they could earn their high school diploma or BA in the states.

The next entry will be about how to get admitted to a university/high school in the states.


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