My life

I am a 27 years old guy living in the United States with less or no clue what I should do now in order to meet all my wanting. The problem lies right there! I want too many things, and at the same time. But I do not think I am the only one in this world having this problem. I believe there are many more people out there having the same issue.

Well, all these people and I are in the same boat!

The good thing now is that I acknowledge the situation. One first thing comes into my mind right now is to pause all my wanting and start something totally out of the track.

OK! Let’s start!

What I can do now?! What can I do now?! I used to help my brother acquiring his student visas to continue his education in the United States. I could do it again because I believe it is a dream comes true for many youngsters if they could earn their high school diploma or BA in the states.

The next entry will be about how to get admitted to a university/high school in the states.



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