My morning

This morning, I wake up and think about connecting a land-line phone to a computer. The reason is that I had a Skype account already. It will be convenient for us if we could connect our land-line phone to our PCs and make phone calls through the Internet. It is VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) using Skype instead of other VoIP soft-wares. The point is making a call through regular phones.

Reading some reviews about this matter, some says that one could do that with either:

A normal phone and a VoIP adapter which should not be over $75 for both items (estimated $45 for the phone and $30 for the adapter).

For more information:

OR a specialized phone that can be plugged/connected wireless to the PC with the price ranging from $50 to $170 (which is pretty similar to Skype phones).

Some people say that the quality of phone calls over the Internet is not stable at all. It depends on the area, Internet connection, weather and the PC usages as well. Therefore, I will not be a good idea if using your land-line phone to call over the Internet.

If someone needs to make phone calls over the Internet, just use the regular PC with a good head set. Skype or any other VoIP programs will connect you perfectly. A land-line phone is outdated.

For more information:


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