Financial statements

Recently, I really pissed off by the school professors and neglected to blog new posts.

The next topic regarding studying abroad will be about financial statements and how to get it through the consulates. The fact is that interviewers might not look at your financial documents if they find these candidates are perfect students with high grades and excellent backgrounds. Nevertheless, we need to prepare all supported documents in case they will scan over everything. One most advantage of choosing an English school is that we do not need to prepare as much money comparing to a community college or a university. With a fund of about $10,000 – $12,000 in any local banks which is not so hard to do for us and unable to verify for interviewers, we can get through the gate pretty easily.

There are, however, some rules we need to comply including an elegant look, a confident attitude and a sense of cleanliness. Those parts will be covered in the next part.

To conclude this financial portion, a candidate can confidently go to an interview with a bank statement showing up a number of $10,000 -$12,000. The number could be double in other-than-English-school.

Feel free to ask or comment if you feel I might mistakenly state anything in this page.


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