International Cooperation Aspect

Music piracy is world-wide in its nature. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) recognized six popular sites that contribute the most to music piracy: Baidu, IsoHunt, mp3fiesta, RapidShare,, and The Pirate Bay (Hachman, 2010). These sites are located in different countries respectively China, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, Luxembourg, and Sweden. There are a lot more individual content sites such as blogs that operate under various domain names. Even if illegal file-sharing can be successfully stopped in some countries, the pirates can always find music from other sources instead of local ones. For instance, if legislators shut down Sweden’s The Pirate Bay, Internet users would turn to Canada’s Isohunt where sharing copyrighted music online by using peer-to-peer networks is a legitimate practice.

Currently, Korea, France, United Kingdom and New Zealand seem to have some of the world’s best legal environments for reviving music business. However, the situation still unchanged in other part of the world. In Brazil, album releases from the five largest music companies in 2008 were down 80% from their 2005 level. In Spain, sales by local artists have fallen 65% between 2004 and 2009. Generally, one-fifth Internet user communities in Europe share unauthorized music (IFPI, 2010). Therefore, the problem now is determining how to stop the pirates, and maintaining the Internet for legal file-sharing and authorized downloading activities globally.

Piracy is an international activities in nature. People are able to share information, not excluding music and movies, around the world now because of the availability of Internet. Regulators in some countries can have the ability to control over it, but not all countries in the world are able to do the same. In fact, governments do not need to stop the pirates globally. Only in countries where strong pirate operations exist, or businesses are hampered by pirates, governments should get involved such as in America. They should have some control over not only the Internet traffic originated from within the country but also the Internet traffic originated from outside the countries. Cooperation of other countries always make the task easier.


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