During the Interview

The interview will not last longer than 10 minutes because the Consulate has to serve hundreds of interviewees each day. However, candidates must not feel rush. The trick is thinking about this process under a consumer perspective. Interviewees are all consumers and interviewers have to deliver a service which is an interview. Keeping that thought in mind, we will never get nervous.

Remember to dress well before the interview. There are three things needed to keep in mind:

Dress well does not necessarily mean to wear suits and ties. Even though in some cases that would be helpful. If you are a graduate student candidate and you work for a financial institution, it would be nice to dress conservatively corresponding to the finance industry. For the majority, regular shirts with appropriate appearance would help. The idea of appropriate appearance suggests that ladies should not wear heavy make-up. This is not a party, but rather, a formal interview.

The next important trick would be cleanliness. American consider it a standard that everyone must meet. Remember that they will finger-print all candidates. Therefore, keep our hands/ears/hair/face clean to the best if we can. Sometimes during summer, it would be hot and AC in the building does not work. It would be a nightmare since we are all sweat. No matter what, it is unacceptable. Go to the restroom to prepare ourselves before the interview or use some tissues to keep the skin dry. It would not be nice if we appear with sweat along our red face.

Last thing to keep in mind is confidence. Assume confidence appropriately will always help candidates. Interviewer will basically want to know if candidates’ purpose is truthful (whether or not they fit under F-1 visas status). Therefore, we need somehow show that we go abroad to study. We have connections and family in Vietnam; hence, we will definitely return. To some candidates, the reason would be having a good job waiting for or taking care of home business (or others). They will not test these answers unless interviewees at some point , turn out to be awkward or dishonest.

Those recommendations work in most of the case.

Good luck to you in your next interview.


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