What Companies should Do?!

One option is to organize leadership programs and train new replacement for executive positions. Company could choose who to target and set up an appropriate program to fit company’s need. However, the bad aspects of this option are the lack of experiences, lack of motivation when they look at the job as a well-paid job. Besides, it does not conjure up the images of innovation or ideas. The program could be short and information might not be able to get through.

Another alternative is to restructure the work so that less directors are needed. This would require changes in organizational culture and supports from those in the top positions. The most advantage of this alternative is closing the hierarchical gap among managerial levels. Hence, candidates from lower levels would be encourage to confront top leaders. However, this option could also discourage young managers to aim at these positions as they perceived as less prestigious or desirable.

Others suggest that senior managers should look inward instead of outward for gems within the current organization because birds of a feather flock together. The benefits of this option is that new replacement will be able to continue leading the company with less obstacle comparing to outsiders. They know the work and they know clients that company is working with. Nevertheless, there might be less fresh air regarding old style of leadership because inherent leader will usually choose by previous leaders. Hence, they are expected to lead the company the old way.  It might also lead to high probability of manipulation and inability to solve problems  in a changing business environment.


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