Other Options

These are other options for the leadership case with briefing pros and cons:

Training programs

Who should the company target?

Pros: the company could choose whom to target and set up an propriate program to fit company’s need.

Cons: the program could be short, information might not be able to get through.

Companies should focus on preparing the inner lower level of the company

Pros: they know the work, the industry and how the current company good.

Cons: they might not have the vision that a leader of the company needs.

Companies should focus on seeking talents from the other companies/competitors

Pros: they will have a fresh view toward the company as an outsider.

Cons: they might have a hard time to adapt to the new environment in top management position.

International approach – Seeking talents from other countries

The biggest advertising agency in the world is WPP Group, a Great Britain company.

Pros: attract talents from emerging countries, international point of view.

Cons: many people want to take advantage of the program and are not really have what it takes to be a leader.

The educational approach

Set higher requirements for critical thinking and problem solving classes

Pros: the States could systematically nurture leaders since they were a child; this is a long-term vision and might be able to solve the problem from its root.

Cons: many people will not be able to meet the requirements and pass the class.

Offer more incentives for students at school such as prize/competition

Pros: people will study harder for the class because of the prize.

Cons: they might cheat for the prize; over-competitiveness might kill innovation and creativity.


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