The Leadership Problems

In previous post regarding leadership problems, the company’s perspectives were considered. In this post, the problem will be defined under the States’ perspectives.

The Boomers are exiting because they are aging and leave the leadership jobs vacant. Other people think that Boomers are not leaving because the health care is better. They will hold top management positions longer. The fact is that one out of five leadership positions will be vacant in the next few years. Therefore, it is critical that companies should be thinking about new replacement in the next decade.

It is no longer Apple’s query as to who would replace Steve Job once he stepped down. An estimation of 10 million baby boomers eligible to retire by the end of 2010. If companies do not prepare new replacement right now. International competitiveness of America might be hampered. China rises as the second largest economy in the world after the U.S. People believe that there are sufficient talents within its over 1.3 billion population. Japan still challenges the U.S. auto industry with its well-established trademarks such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan.

Many positive minds are looking toward elite business schools such as Harvard and Wharton for hope. Others look toward high-powered consulting firms like McKinsey. The fact is regardless of unemployment rate increased to 10%, companies still find executive position among the five hardest positions to fill in 2009, according to the annual Manpower labor survey.

Collective involvement of multiple stakeholders will shape the future of leadership in America that is to come in the next decade.


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