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It is controversial?! Yes. Many pros and cons have been built around the music piracy problem since the emergence of Napster in 1999. Even though the site was shut down and forced to change its model, Napster 2.0 (as many people call it) is believed to be the present.

musicunited.org offers the views from various perspectives

Please visit: http://www.musicunited.org/8_whatothers.aspx for more information.


Japan aftermath

The number of dead and missing after Japan’s twin earthquake and tsunami stood late Wednesday, officially, at 12,920.

Source: Wall Street Journal Online


Amazing pictures after the twin quake.

Source: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2011/03/japan_earthquake_aftermath.html

10 Ways to Avoid Death by Meeting (via Redpointcoaching’s Blog)

Let’s have a meeting tmr, fellas!

10 Ways to Avoid Death by Meeting by Lauren Owen, MBA Principal, Redpoint Succession and Leadership Coaching In our work as coaches to family and closely-held businesses, we’re always surprised at how few leaders use productive, regularly held staff meetings in their companies. We believe that they are missing a big opportunity to help them achieve bigger goals, resolve and even prevent unhealthy conflict, and promote good teamwork. Here are some of the more common reasons (excus … Read More

via Redpointcoaching's Blog

The Copyright Law

This is the link for more information about copyright law and how to report a suspicious site to RIAA:



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