Oral Practice Section

Like other people, I strongly believe in self-study. It is especially true when we are trying to practice speaking a new language. Well, teachers might help us with new words or some tips. Just like in this site, the owner gives us 7 rules for excellent English (enter your email address to subscribe for free lessons):


Do not get me wrong! Sites like this give us useful advice to enhance our speaking skill. However, the key point that makes us confident when talking in another language does not lie on those tips. It lies on our accent. We all need accent-practicing lessons.

First and foremost thing we need to know: there are three critical components in a language’s accent

Intonation – the music of the language

Pronunciation – stress in the words

Liaison – word connections

Visit the following site for more detail:


Next thing would be to practice

The next posts will be audio file that everyone can download, listen and self-practice.

Again, this section is about speaking skill only. Writing and reading skills will be covered later on after this section.

Live long and prosper!


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