Internet Service Providers

Almost everyone now uses the Internet. To use the Internet, people need to open an account or subscribe to the Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Basically, ISP is a company that supplies Internet connectivity to everyone that wants to access the Internet. However, some ISPs also provide different service to their customers. Verizon and AT&T only sell service for Internet connectivity to the public, later on this ISP type will be mentioned as ISP1. Other ISPs, such as Iweb and Amhosting provide service to set and fully manage a computer server for customers, later on this ISP type will be mentioned as ISP2. Computer server is a computer that is used to create a website for company, business, or personal use. Computer server can also be used for database, game server, etc. There are also ISPs that only rent the server to public without manage the server, so the responsibility to manage the server belongs to customer. From this point, this type of ISP will be mentioned as ISP3.

Online music piracy all started from these three types of ISP. To create a website, people need a server and Internet connectivity to make the website be up and running. People with lack knowledge to manage a server would rent a server from ISP2, but someone with a good information technology skill would rent a server from ISP3.

Music companies think that the ISPs have the most important position to prevent and decrease online music piracy. ISP1 should check what the customers use the Internet connection for and cut customers’ Internet connection whenever they use the connection for online music piracy. ISP2 and ISP3 should not rent servers to anyone that want to build website or database for facilitating online music piracy.

On the other hand, the ISPs think that online music piracy is not their responsibility. The ISPs only provide service to their customers and do not break any law. The ISPs’ concern is only to provide good service to customers and generate more profits (Fildes, 2007).

The only one that can ask the ISPs contribution and prevent online music piracy is the government. Right now, all these ISPs are currently working together with the government to prevent and decrease online music piracy. For example, India government has commanded India’s ISP1 to block Pirate Bay to be accessed in India (TechZilo, 2011). The U.S. government has also asked ISP2 and ISP3 to shut down several servers, such as Limewire,, and Rmx4u.


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