Last week movies

Don’t know why people love Madagascar 3 too much. I probably will never understand because (as they say) I didn’t watch it in 3D. Whatever, the animals are all wonderful, playful, except for the one super-woman with overwhelming dog-like acts. That was too much, even for animation. But that is still acceptable. The jokes are a little better, but still not worth $12 for each ticket. I did not expect a flawless story line with a wonderful visual display. All that I ask was DO NOT LET ME interrupt myself with questions like really, how is that possible, what, and really?! Just please move me along the  movie and I will be satisfied. Didn’t get that feeling. Too bad.

Yet, it is top box office at 60.3M. I must miss something here.

Box Office

1. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted $60.3M
2. Prometheus $51.1M
3. Snow White and the Huntsman $23.1M
4. Men in Black 3 $13.9M
5. The Avengers $11.2M


Prometheus is OK. Story line is not disruptive. Execution is full of flaws, but I like this kind of movie (Horror, Sci-Fi) so that could compensate. The screen-writer should have done better. I don’t mind to think and do a little research before (or after) watching it; but to engage in reading into an entire theory of creation is too much. Isn’t it the job of movie makers to pay down the pieces and connect the dots. Well, at least most of the dots. This is not like playing brain-teasing puzzles. It feels like watching Red Cliff II by John Woo. Imaging was wonderful, but showing the sacrifice of too many soldiers in order to win is not a good strategy at all. I mean, that may be true but John Woo do not put it on the screen. He had a chance to make a great movie and he blew it. Now, Red Cliff is just like other average or above average movie. Like wise, Prometheus could be a classic all-time memorable Hollywood movie raising a great all-time question of human kind: where are we from?! But the film crew blew it. Pity.

Men in Black III is okay with good acts of Tom Lee Jones and Will Smith. A fair amount of jokes and continuous story line. I wish there will be more futuristic scene and better visual effects. I seems like Barry Sonnenfeld want to keep some kind of continuous connections with two previous movies. That was somewhat disappointing.

All and all, I got one ticket and 3 movies. Can’t complain about that.


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