Sếp công an đòi công nhận nghề mại dâm

Well, let’s see how far this can go in Vietnam

Sếp công an đòi công nhận nghề mại dâm – Tin chính – – Người Việt Online.


Just like marijuana and alcohol, should the sex industry to be legalize?! Well, in my opinion it should.

Alcohol, especially moonshine, was considered illegal for a long time. I am convinced moonshine should be considered illegal. It does not yield more tax income for the government. It might be a source of public disturbance. Apparently, alcohol itself does more harm than good if we do not use it responsibly. However, the point is there is a natural need for alcohol at a time. Because the demand exceeded supply; therefore, moonshine continue to live.

There is still a controversial debate regarding marijuana for a long time in America. Some states legalize it, some ban, some treat it just like alcohol. The reasoning behind it was extra tax income for government. Some also say marijuana is even safer than alcohol. If the authorities ban marijuana, why don’t they ban alcohol first. Anyway, it is still a debate.

http://www.saferchoice.org/content/view/24/53/ for more information about Marijuana vs. Alcohol.

Each argument has its own merit. Back to the sex industry which American regulates a long time. There was even a time when online sex sites grow so rapidly that authorities concern that sex video is raping the Internet. Yes, that is right. Bad things come with the information age. However, oriental traditions is less familiar with this publicly-shown-body business. Eastern cultures seem to mind their business indoor. That’s right, except for Japanese, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand…Well, I know that you know.  Probably it is time for Vietnamese to join the club.

Legalize sex, regulate this industry and it will bring tax revenue. And then, you can use those money to build your own house. How do I know it?! Well, I am a Vietnamese.


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