Prometheus – What The Movie Was Actually About

Given that it has awesome footage, sound and picture effects, this movie is still disappointing. I don’t mind to read or dig deeper into controversial theories of creation which might give Prometheus a fine plot edge. I can accept strange explanation no matter how weird it is (like Space Alien God) because this merely a movie and it is not necessarily real. What I care is its logic and rationality.

1- The purpose that the 8-foot Albino left clues at (>2) different places (i.e. it is IMPORTANT) and different civilizations (i.e. it is MATERIALLY INTENDED) is not clear. As an invitation, nah, why not to their home planet. I don’t think LV_223 is their home planet because if they were so advanced, their home planet would have been more attractive, peaceful and god-like (not death-like). That is unless these ships are all that remain of the Engineers’ civilization. Uhm…NO. As a warning, get away from this place, nah. I think it will be more logical not to leave any clue. Nobody knows about them and hence, they can’t be found at their possible failed research facility or whatever. Com’on, I think a good movie should have a clear direction, not vague. Pick one. The premise is flawed. It is not a matter of correct or incorrect. It is just an apparent material error.

2- Given all the awesome underlining genius (aka Jesus) conspiracies (or not) are true, there are still some elements that this movie lacked to be great (not even good, just ok). Simple mistakes such as: distance from LV_233 to Earth is not half a million, taking off the helmet in a strange distant planet, lack of team leadership – i do not know who in charge, lack of links, the unnecessary horny lady Charlie Theron (agh), touching the snake three times (a weak-minded scientist that is so afraid to see a dead body but so brave touching a alien snake-like, emotionally irrational), and more.

3-Finally, without the link to Alien would be better. The giant squid (or whatever it is called, giant face hugger) kills the Albino. That should be the end. Keep the movie in the loop of curiosity where we came from (Engineers); then where the Engineers came from (like in the Triangle). The Xenomorph reference is, to me, excessive.

A movie should be self-explanatory when it stands alone even somebody really wants to make a sequel or prequel out of it. Simple mistakes can’t make a great movie however great the underlined plot was (meant to be). My point is Prometheus could be an all time classic but someone (I sincerely don’t know who) took a dump – not a f*rt, it’s worse than a f*rt. And it made me sad.


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