Geography 101 and China aggression

While Spratly Island locates too far south, Paracel islands is very critical to Vietnam geographically.

Scarborough Reef

To compare, Paracel islands is very similar to Scarborough Reef of the Philippines.

That is why the Filipinos is very cautious every time China brings their ships close to this region.

Now that China had control over Woody Island, the largest isle in the Paracel group.

It would be wise to be very cautious to the Chinese every moves.

From North to South View Larger Map

A – Woody Island – Paracel IslandsChina (10 times the area of Spratly Island – Vietnam) – Đảo Phú Lâm,_South_China_Sea

Battle_of_the_Paracel_Islands 1974

B- Thitu Island (belong to Thitu Reefs) – Spratly IslandsPhilippines – second largest island in Spratly Islands – Đảo Thị Tứ

C- Itu Aba Island – Spratly IslandsTaiwan – largest island in Spratly Islands – Đảo Ba Bình

D- Johnson South Reef (South East Union Reefs and Sin Cowe Island) – Spratly IslandsChina patrols

Đá Gạc Ma

Truong Sa 1988

From North to South View Larger Map

A– Thitu Island (belong to Thitu Reefs) – Spratly IslandsPhilippines – second largest island in Spratly Islands – Đảo Thị Tứ

B- Itu Aba Island – Spratly IslandsTaiwan – largest island in Spratly Islands – Đảo Ba Bình

C- Johnson South Reef (South East Union Reefs and Sin Cowe Island) – Spratly IslandsChina patrols

Đá Gạc Ma

Truong Sa 1988

D- Spratly Island – Spratly Islands – Vietnam – Đảo Trường Sa

Is this real?!


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