Đoàn tàu cá TQ đã đến Trường Sa – position of Fiery Cross Reef

  1. Cuarteron Reef
  2. Fiery Cross Reef (Đá Chữ Thập / Yongshu Jiao / đảo Vĩnh Thử)
  3. Gaven Reef
  4. Hughes Reef
  5. Johnson Reef
  6. Mischief Reef
  7. Subi Reef

The Philippines control the following islands in the Spratlys:

  1. Kota or Loaita Island
  2. Lawak or Nansham Island
  3. Likas or West York Island
  4. Panata or Lamkian Cay
  5. Pag-asa or Thitu Island
  6. Parola or North East Cay
  7. Patag or Flat Island
  8. Rizal or Commodore Reef
Taiwan controls Itu Aba [Taiping Dao] Island, the largest single island among the Spratlys

In the Spratlys, Vietnam controls 21 islands, reefs, shoals, and cays:

  1. Alison Reef
  2. Amboyan Reef
  3. Barque Canada Reef
  4. Central London Reef
  5. Cornwallis South Reef
  6. Da Gri-san
  7. Da Hi Gen
  8. East London Reef
  9. Great Discovery Reef
  10. Ladd Reef
  11. Landsdowne Reef
  12. Namyit Island
  13. Pearson Reef
  14. Petley Reef
  15. Sand Cay
  16. Sin Cowe Island
  17. South Reef
  18. South West Cay
  19. Spratly Island
  20. Tennent Reef
  21. West London Reef



Refer to: https://iexploretheworld.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/china-aggression/ for large maps


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