Assumptions to Confuse the Discussion

Leaders are not necessary executives of big corporation. They might be leading small companies to success. However, in general, people will assume they are key leaders of large entities.

In many case, leaders of non-profit organizations (NPOs) should be considered. However, people will assume leaders are all from for-profit organizations.

Lastly, leaders of politic parties should be considered. Nonetheless, moderators need to be careful once politic leaders and business leaders are mixing. In many cases, a politician is not a business man. It also makes sense another way, a business leader is not necessary a politic leader. Same thing happens to technical field. Bill Gates is a leader but not really attending business school.

In short, size/type of entities and leadership style/field matter.


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Define the Leadership Problem

Is there really a leadership crisis happening?! Yes, there is.


The Boomers are exiting because they are aging and leave the leadership jobs vacant. Some see the situations resulting from the fact that Boomers are not leaving because the health care is better. They will hold top management positions longer. The fact is that one out of five leadership positions will be vacant in the next few years. Therefore, it is critical that companies should be thinking about new replacement in the next decade.

The executive job for big corporation is so stressful that there are many people leave.  Some see these positions are so attractive and executives will not leave their jobs unless they have to. Too much competition and stress make it hard for potential leaders to emerge and prove their talents.

The lack of replacement might be because what worked decades ago do not fit into the contemporary world any more. New leaders might find it difficult to follow the long-established working structure and that they might fail. Other might want to switch into new models and yet, they might be taking risks by doing so. In either way, people are questioning whether new leaders are able to do the job.

The current position of executive directors as it is conceived is no longer viable. People do not like hierarchy anymore and prefer networking. In one big organization, there is one key leader (example would be Steve Jobs at Apple Corp.). The middle management are so busy with there works and follow instructions from the top. In networking model, more leaders of small group are needed. Hence, the lack of leadership.

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